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Shivam Enterprises of Lucknow, pioneers in the realm of dal production, proudly presents Naturalfarms Super Grains Dal. Renowned for its unparalleled quality and nutritional value, this esteemed Lucknow-based company has been devotedly crafting protein-rich dals. Starting with a modest hand mill, Shivam Enterprises has traversed an illustrious journey spanning several decades. In a groundbreaking move in 2011, they introduced India’s first fully automated dal plant, revolutionizing the industry.


Achieving Unparalleled Perfection with Meticulous Processing Techniques

The art of planting

Farmers initiate the first stage by cultivating green toor, a variety of small beans cultivated in different regions of India.

The art of harvesting

During this process, the mature crops are carefully harvested either through manual handpicking or utilizing various harvesting tools in the fields. 

The art of processing

Naturalfarms Dal undergoes meticulous processing using state-of-the-art international technology. 

The art of packaging

Once the product has undergone thorough cleaning and processing, it proceeds to the packaging stage. 

The Naturalfarms Difference : Why We Stand Out

Our Uncompromising Commitment to Purity and Flavor


At Naturalfarms, we prioritize the meticulous selection and preservation of ingredients with utmost care. Our unwavering belief in preserving the nutritional value of dals leads us to ensure that they are 100% pure. We place great emphasis on hygienic processing methods, without any human interference, to maintain the integrity of the product’s nutritional content.


Our foolproof modern packaging ensures the preservation of freshness, safeguarding the taste and extending the storage life while effectively preventing moisture intrusion.


Naturalfarms Dals, renowned for their unmatched purity and freshness, boast the shortest cooking time among their counterparts. Compared to other dals, Naturalfarms Dal requires minimal cooking time, granting you precious moments saved. Not only does this convenience contribute to time efficiency, but it also helps conserve energy in the process.

100% PURE



Empowering Through our Services

Nurturing Bliss Beyond Culinary Boundaries –  Naturalfarms’ Vision Unveiled

Naturalfarms has garnered immense adoration for its unparalleled quality DAL, and in response to the love received over the years, we have expanded our product range.

Our unwavering commitment ensures that the inherent qualities and nutritional value of our Dals remain uncompromised, providing you with the desired health benefits. Through our offerings, we strive to assist you in maintaining your well-being and overall fitness. Additionally, we place great emphasis on upholding consistent taste profiles.

With the aid of our advanced facilities, processing is meticulously carried out without any human interference, guaranteeing reliability and precision. The foolproof modern packaging further enhances freshness and shields against moisture, extending the storage life of our products.

Thanks to its unmatched quality and unwavering taste, Naturalfarms has become a renowned household name. With Naturalfarms Dal, you can confidently prepare delectable and mouth-watering dishes that will delight your loved ones.